It’s Graduation!

Hi everyone, it’s Hayley here! As you may already know, this Friday is Graduation day for many of our postgraduate (and some undergraduate!) students. Congratulations if that’s you!

The University of Chester in 100 Objects: Pat Ransome’s College Pen

We have been asking staff, students and alumni to share objects and places with us that make the University of Chester special to them. This week, alumna Pat Ransome (née Salter), tells us about an object that was essential to her during her time at Chester College – her pen! Pat studied at the then Chester College from 1969 until 1972, when a pen was a key communication tool for students with their families and friends back at home. Nowadays, students are used to instant communication with friends, family, and even lecturers, through their mobile phones and the internet. For Pat however, writing letters home was her main method of communication. Keep on reading to hear Pat’s memories of Chester College and her trusty pen…

Our Alumni Blog is one year old!

Hi everyone, it’s Hayley here – welcome back to our alumni blog! Did you know that this month our blog has turned one year old?! Time sure flies when you’re having fun blogging!

Guest Blogger: Steven Midghall (2002)

On the blog this week, Business graduate Steven Midghall tells us about his life after University. Steven was a member of the University’s Basketball Team, but after graduating in 2002, suffered injuries sustained in a car accident. However Steven has not let this stop him from playing sport, and in his blog, he tells more about his inspiring journey…